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Across our political and religious differences, we have established the Bridge Builders Association - Centre for Dialogue Coffee. We are working hard to make it into a mass movement, where the individual citizen takes personal responsibility for the conversation. The goal is not for everyone to agree, but for us to develop and sharpen our ability to accommodate our disagreements and differences. This is a difficult challenge and can be a painful process, but it remains foundational for a vital and sustainable democracy.

Where will we put our efforts?

  • A bridge-building week in schools, where children and teachers are given tools to talk about differences and identify prejudices.
  • Establishing dialogue with closed environments where extremism and anti-democratic attitudes and norms thrive.
  • We want to turn our “conversation salons” into an institution in local communities
  • Organizing spaces for dialogue coffee in workplaces and elsewhere
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Özlem Cekic


I’m noticing how distances between people in Denmark are increasing. Both on the right and left wing and among religious groups the tone is harsh. We have raised our voices so loud that we are shouting instead of listening.

People are distancing themselves from each other. Especially on social media, the language takes on a rougher character, and people quickly label others as racists and national traitors. I am concerned that we are losing our sense of orientation and turning our anger against each other rather than against those who seriously threaten our democracy.

Therefore, since 2008 I have participated and been the initiator of several projects whose purpose is to build bridges between population groups.


Jair Melchior

Chief Rabbi in Denmark, Chairman of the Board

Andreas Kamm

Honorary President of the Danish Refugee Council, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors

Flemming Rose

Journalist and author

Lisbeth Jessen

Head of Program 

Katrine Ebdrup Damgaard

Head of engagement and civil society development

Henrik Vestergaard Stockholm


Marianne Munis

Teacher and conflict mediator

Ditlev Tamm

Author and Professor Emeritus

THE InitiativE GROUP

Özlem Cekic

Generalsekretær for Brobyggerne

Emek Volkan Gürkan
Devrim Ülgü
Vivi Larsen
Signe Olsen


Özlem Cekic

Secretary general

Contact on mail

Telephone: +45 61460764

Hanne Brodersen

General Manager

Contact on mail

Telephone: +45 22730193

Ebbe Bertelsen

Project leader

Contact on mail

Telephone: +45 22346838

Vicki Bech Hansen

Course manager

Contact on mail

Telephone: +45 22260663

Zenia Søndergaard Harder

Student assistant

Contact on mail 

Telephone: +45 22346892

Sami Kleit

Student assistant

Contact on mail

Telephone: +45 22346892

Marie Louise Madelung

Student assistant 

Contact on mail

Telephone:  +45 22 34 68 92

Askan Kærsgaard Nielsen

Academic intern

Contact on mail

Telephone: +45 22346892

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