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The world needs bridge builders!

Across our political and religious differences, we’ve established the Bridge Builders Association - Centre for Dialogue Coffee, of which you will now be a part of. Our purpose is to promote dialogue between population groups in Denmark and internationally. The vision of the association is a society that builds on and promotes the Danish traditions of diversity and disagreement, where everyone can feel equal and welcome in a critical and constructive conversation. To make this happen, we will create initiatives to build bridges between different groups and individuals.

We hope that together we can start a mass movement where every citizen takes personal responsibility for the conversation. Therefore, we hope that you will also encourage your friends to become members of The Bridge Builders. The goal of the mass movement is not that everyone agrees on everything, but to develop and sharpen the ability to accommodate our disagreements and diversity. This is a difficult challenge and can be a painful process, foundational for a vital and sustainable democracy.

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